Copper: Why This Is Good For Your Health

Copper is one of the few metals that occur in nature in directly usable metallic form as opposed to needing extraction from an ore. This led to very early human use, from c. 8000 BC. It was the first metal to be smelted from its ore, c. 5000 BC, the first metal to be cast into a shape in a mold, c. 4000 BC and the first metal to be purposefully alloyed with another metal, tin, to create bronze, c. 3500 BC.

In the Roman era, copper was principally mined on Cyprus, the origin of the name of the metal, from aes сyprium (metal of Cyprus). Copper used in buildings, usually for roofing, oxidizes decorative art, both in its elemental metal form and in compounds as pigments. Copper compounds are used as bacteriostatic agents, fungicides, and wood preservatives.

While it might be surprising to think of copper as something our bodies require, it has been shown in numerous studies to have a positive impact on our bone health. Copper is a mineral found throughout your body. It’s a nutrient that your body must have to function properly. You only need trace amounts of this heavy metal. Lead, mercury, and arsenic are examples of heavy metals that aren’t good for you. But getting copper in trace amounts is essential. Getting too much of it or not enough of it can cause health problems.Doc Collagen

Copper has an important role in human health, including the:

  • production of red blood cells
  • regulation of heart rate and blood pressure
  • absorption of iron
  • prevention of prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate
  • development and maintenance of bone, connective tissue, and organs such as the brain and heart
  • activation of the immune system
  • Treatment of Arthritis and Osteoporosis
  • Reducing Cholesterol Level

Copper Benefits For skin:

Besides its numerous health benefits, copper plays an important role in skin care too. So far, we have learnt that copper aids in the production of melanin which is responsible for the colour of the skin and hair. Copper ingredients aid in collagen production and skin regeneration and increase the effects of antioxidants.

Copper is one of the main ingredients of Doc Collagen. DOC COLLAGEN is a complex health and beauty, type I collagen from fish, enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamins B complex, vitamin C, zinc and Copper. DOC COLLAGEN is a certified hydrolyzed collagen that comes from pure, natural source of fish for better efficiency and utilization. With this innovative formula Doc Collagen helps you

  • Help in skin regeneration, which is very effective in healing wounds and skin lesions.
  • The anti-inflammatory qualities of peptides allow it to treat a wide range of skin irritation.
  • Regenerate new collagen and elastin, thus improving firmness, softness and elasticity of skin, which results in a youthful appearance.
  • The collagen production helps in filling fine lines and wrinkles, while elastin stimulation firms the skin and prevents the sagging that often leads to wrinkles.
  • Help in repairing the damage to the protective skin barrier, rebuilding the skin and removing the scars.
  • Peptides regulate the growth rate and migration of various cells in the skin which prevent the release of oxidation promoting iron into the tissue resulting in a cleaner look.


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