TOP 5 Collagen Killers.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It’s found in our muscles, bones, skin and tendons. It’s the “glue” that helps hold the body together. It’s commonly said that at age 20 you have the skin you inherited, at 40 the skin you deserve and at 60 the skin you earned. So you may be born with the best skin, but your lifestyle internal and external, personal and social, decides what you deserve and earn.
Most of it is under your control, so take note. The lack of collagen in the body resulting in musculoskeletal disorders (arthritis, osteoporosis, numbness, impaired organic structure of bone, muscle injuries), disruption of the immune system and the occurrence of physical changes associated with aging, such as wrinkles, cellulite, dry skin, skin and hair shine and no abnormal appearance of the body.

KILLER #1: Time

After the age of 25 the body loses an average of 1.5% collagen annually. The impacts of collagen loss are obvious both on our appearance and health. The absence of adequate amounts of collagen does not occur suddenly. No one should get wrinkles or osteoporosis overnight!

This is a process that starts from the age of 25 to 30 years and begins to manifest itself strongly in the ages of 45-50 years. For that reason, the sooner we strengthen our body collagen with Doc Collagen the sooner we treat the threat of time inside and outside our body.

KILLER #2: Overexposure to the Sun

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but far too many people neglect to use sunscreen daily. Their skin age is much more advanced than their actual age, since their skin is aged and “broken”.  Direct UV exposure can harm collagen fibroblasts. Long-term sun exposure can cause collagen and elastin to breakdown and degrade, faster than normal. Overexposure to the sun’s rays can also result in hyperpigmentation or even painful sunburn. To avoid premature skin aging, we should avoid prolonged sun exposure, use sunscreen even in wintertime, and of course we should keep in mind that we have Doc Collagen as a powerful ally that supplies our body with precious collagen lost by solar radiation.


KILLER #3: Smoking

Smoking is one of your skin’s worst enemies. It deprives the skin tissues of oxygen and leaves the skin with a grey complexion. Smoking also leaves lines around mouth and eyes. A smoker’s skin becomes dull and it ages prematurely due to the destruction of the precious body’s collagen. That is a much faster process in a case of a smoker than a non-smoker. Moreover, smoking damages almost every part of our body such as heart, liver, lungs and blood vessels which are composed primarily of collagen. The liquid oral collagen, is a necessary food supplement for smokers who, due to their harmful habit, are in need for collagen replenishment in their bodies.

KILLER #4: Change in weight

Have you ever heard the expression “you are what you eat?” Well, this is especially true when it comes to your skin. Our skin isn’t an elastic band, so a drastic weight gain is likely to result in stretch marks and a sudden weight-loss in sagging skin. That’s why it’s always recommended to try to maintain a stable weight, avoid yo-yo diets, and lose weight slowly and steadily. Excess weight, amongst other serious consequences, seriously impacts our joints forcing them to carry more weight than the one they are built for. As joints try to cope with the excess weight, collagen in the periarticular area and the joint itself presents a high wear rate.

KILLER #5: Stress

There are two kinds of stress. Both are equally harmful as far as skin health and beauty is concerned. Environmental stress results in UV radiation and pollution, which leaves our bodies susceptible to free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for wrinkles, premature aging, etc brought about by lack of collagen and death of skin cells.

Emotional Stress also expresses itself on the skin. Emotional stress also deprives skin of crucial oxygen and nutrients and may aggravate any skin like acne. If you happen to have a lot of stress in your life, try and find some way to alleviate this tension.

Getting Collagen into Your Life

Our ancestors chowed down on quite a bit of collagen as a natural way of life, since earlier traditional diets incorporated whole-animal eating. Simply put, they ate many animal parts, like skin, tendons, bones and ligaments.doc-collagen

Lucky for you, today you don’t need to eat all animal, to boost your collagen in your body. Especial for YOU, we created DOC COLLAGEN dietary supplement.

DOC COLLAGEN is a complex health and beauty, type I collagen from fish, enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamins B complex, vitamin C, zinc and copper. DOC COLLAGEN is a certified hydrolyzed collagen that comes from pure, natural source of fish for better efficiency and utilization.

The goal of this dietary supplement is slowing down the physiological loss of collagen.

The choice is yours.

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